Challenge Time

So  with the premier of the podcast coming Monday, we thought why not attempt to gain more publici…… I mean why not do something interactive for our listeners over on YouTube?

We have set up our channel and you can subscribe here to keep up with and participate in our *Drum roll please* 30 Day Comic Challenge!

You can participate by tagging us in your challenge videos or tweeting us @SuperiorComic16 using #3oDayComicChallenge .

So I know what you may be thinking right now, what is the challenge? Well let me give you the daily objectives we (And hopefully you) need to discuss in our videos.

  1. Your first comic book.
  2. Your favourite character and why
  3. A comic you think is under-rated and why
  4. Your comic book/character guilty pleasure
  5. What comic character you feel (Or wish) you are most like
  6. Most annoying comic character
  7. Favourite comic couple
  8. The best series being published right now
  9. Most touching comic scene
  10. Your dream VS. match
  11. Favourite animated comic series
  12. A comic you think everyone should read
  13. A comic you have re-read multiple times
  14. Your most recent comic themed wallpaper (Phone, Laptop, Tablet etc.)
  15. An image from a comic you are reading right now
  16. Funniest comic book or comic book scene
  17. Most useless villain
  18. Favourite B-list character
  19. Comic book Universe or City you would like to live in
  20. Favourite super power or skill
  21. Favourite writer
  22. A 2nd volume of a comic which disappointed you
  23. Your favourite comic/cover artist
  24. Dream character team up
  25. A comic you plan on reading (not one you are already collecting)
  26. A comic you wish would get a movie
  27. Favourite comic book movie
  28. Favourite comic publisher
  29. A comic you thought you wouldn’t like but thoroughly enjoyed
  30. Your favourite comic run or series of all time

So these are the objectives per day for the challenge. Your videos or tweets can be short answers or in depth explanations you choose.

We hope this challenge can bring us closer to current and potential followers and give our podcast and blog that interactive feel for you guys and gals.

Start date is Monday 16th of January to give everyone time to get their answers ready and in my case, get a haircut before going on video.

We look forward to seeing and reading your answers 🙂


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