The Superior Comic Show is a Dublin, Ireland based podcast for all things comic related.

It was set up and is hosted by lifetime comic fan and Spiderman obsessed 22 year old Peter Harte, who is currently studying journalism at degree level. Peter created this podcast as he has a lot of opinions and gets very excited about comics, so he thought why not share this with the world.

The podcast is aiming to release a new episode reviewing select comics every Thursday evening. The first 4 episodes are mainly focused on ‘Equality Watch’, to show the listener the types of things we are looking out for.

We did not want to be just another review show as there are many quality review shows out there. To tackle this we decided ┬áto add in a real life element and create ‘Equality Watch’. This segment will feature in every show and will review a comic from that week which we believe most promotes equality or goes the opposite direction.

This being said, we still aim to review other comics such as Green Arrow, The Flash and just try stop Peter reviewing and drooling over The Amazing Spiderman.


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