Welcome to the website for The Superior Comic Show podcast, hosted by Peter “Wishes it was Parker” Harte and Dean “DeathPool” Gorman!
This show is a comic movie, TV, and book review podcast where we will look at a selection of new comics released  weekly.
This sounds quite familiar doesn’t it? What makes us different from other review shows is our unique Irish brand of humour and sibling rivalry. With this humour comes an air of seriousness as we are passionate about positive representation of females, minorities, mental health etc… in comics.
Occasionally we will welcome a relevant guest to get their opinions on the matter.
We decided to begin the first few episodes with ‘Equality Watch’ being the dominant theme to show our listeners the type of diversity we are looking out for under each category.
With all that in mind, this  podcast is aiming to be a fun, humerous and thought provoking place for die hard, casual, and beginner comic readers. The podcast can be listened to here!
This site will mainly house the blogs and thoughts from podcast hosts and guest hosts.
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